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Use our convenient online ordering service on your phone, tablet or pc. Get Reminders, Order 24/7, We keep you updated. Free delivery available across X Y Z places.
We provide a full range of NHS and Private pharmacy services including one and repeat prescriptions, private prescriptions, emergency contraception and travel vaccinations.
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Shop from over 8000 items at Supermaket Beating Prices. Whether you are travelling and need a mosquito net or need nicotine patches at a good price, we have you covered.
Health Advice
Thousands of pages of health advice from the NHS, Pharmacists and Support groups covering every topic.
We are a small group of Independent NHS Community Pharmacies serving the people in X Y Z places
New Mill Pharmacy
Your local community Pharmacy delivering the very best in healthcare to you.
Our aim New Mill Pharmacy is quite simple..... to deliver the very best in healthcare. We believe that when it comes to our patients needs we should be able to assist, whether it be simply for advice on health issues or whether it be to utilise the FREE prescription collection and delivery service we provide.
Please feel free to browse our website packed with the most up to date information for all your health needs and great offers on over-the-counter medicines, toiletries, beauty products, electrical items and fragrances at unbeatably low prices!!!
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Follow us and we'll keep you up to date with all our news, and bring you a range of information on a variety of healthcare topics. It's a chance for you to let us know what you think too. We always appreciate your comments, so come on by and say hello.
If you're already set up with a Facebook account, simply head to our  Facebook page , click the 'like' button to become a fan of New Mill Pharmacy, and, if you like, leave us a comment on the wall. Make sure you check back to the page often, as we'll be posting news, special offers and information all the time!
If you're wanting to find out about offers or up to date health information via Twitter, visit  @newmillpharmacy page . If you have an account already, all you need to do is follow us by clicking the 'follow' button. If you don't have an account, they're free and quick to set up; just visit  Twitter's website  and follow the instructions. You'll be tweeting to us in no time.
Cant get down to the Pharmacy? Then why not simply Skype our Pharmacist at : newmillpharmac
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